After years of industrial painting MENCO PAINTING was formed and services Oahu. As with
most painting companies we first approached the new construction market. After a few years
of testing the market we were able to narrow our expertise to painting and staining homes that
are occupied, working directly with the homeowner. This required a finer definition of "painting
quality". Unlike new construction, not only was our effort to be providing a first rate paint or
stain job but a higher priority arose i.e. care for the homeowner's property. Before beginning,
all care is taken with the covering of: glass, driveways, shrubs, trees, vehicles, fixtures, roofs,
essentially anything that is not to be painted. Also we realized we could not 'move in' taking
over the home for an unspecified period of time. We had to present and adhere to a frame of
time to which we were held accountable. We most often have a schedule that extends out two
to three months. We are able to tell you that far in advance the date and time we will arrive.

Consequently we gained a reputation, second to none, for being
Quick, Quality conscious
and very
Competitive. Be sure to visit our ‘Testimonials’ page. There are many happy
customers in our database.

MENCO PAINTING has endeavored to do business with integrity incorporating the "Golden
Rule" and "Extra Mile" principles when working with both homeowners and employees.

Another commitment has been to schedule work so MENCO PAINTING can personally be on
all jobs

Feel confident, MENCO PAINTING offers a
"Down the Road" guarantee." This guarantee
simply put is: "If you find anything that is not satisfactory ‘down the road’ just call or drop a line
and we will make it right." This eliminates the homeowners’ concern of finding errors within a
set time limit. If it is a responsibility of MENCO PAINTING, MENCO PAINTING will make it right

MEMCO PAINTING incorporates airless sprayers, brushes and rollers to aid in accomplishing
a professional paint and stain finish.  Our painters each have over 10 years experience of
professional painting experience and will complete your job in a timely and efficient manner.

Give us a call or send an email. You will find MENCO PAINTING most accommodating,
attempting to meet all of your needs.

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